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Disegno is a London-based biannual magazine, a website and a salon programme dedicated to international architecture, design and fashion. Disegno Daily is updated every day and focuses on current news and debates, alongside feature pieces and interviews. All content is written and filmed exclusively for Disegno and we commission expert writers to share opinions and insights on recent events.

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T-R-E-M-O-R-S is an architecture magazine built to reimagine the cities we live in.

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The aim of Archihihi is to help everybody to (re)discover architecture and to (re)claim architecture. Let’s get architecture with play, fun, pleasure, freedom and creativity! With Archihi, you will discover aesthetic, technical and theoretical aspects of architecture, in a happy, free and light way. Archihihi games and activities link architecture with usual and everyday life, in a playful and experimental way.

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